5 Reasons To Seek The Assistance Of A Tax Attorney If You Owe Back Taxes

Taxes are an unavoidable part of life. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has several tools at its disposal that it uses to go after taxpayers who do not pay what they owe. Some of these include liens, levies, and wage garnishments. If you owe back taxes, you need to contact a tax attorney. In this article, you'll learn how these lawyers will help you solve your tax debt issues:

Protest Your Tax Liability 

The IRS might make mistakes, resulting in a higher tax liability. This may cause you to pay more than you actually owe. If this happens to you, hire a tax attorney. These lawyers will identify the errors and negotiate with the IRS to reduce or eliminate your liability. Additionally, if you have an issue with your audit, they'll help you contest it to get your tax debt reduced. 

Negotiate a Resolution

An attorney can help you negotiate an appropriate resolution if you owe back taxes. Depending on the situation, they may get the IRS to waive penalties or interest. They may also negotiate a payment plan or an offer-in-compromise, where you pay a smaller amount than the full balance. This could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in back taxes.

Represent You During Audits

An audit can be intimidating and complex to deal with. If you want to present the right information and make fewer mistakes, have a knowledgeable tax lawyer on your side. These lawyers will ensure that the information you provide is accurate and complete. They will also represent you during negotiations with the IRS if discrepancies are found.

Handle Tax Penalties

Tax penalties can significantly increase what you owe the IRS and can be difficult to resolve. A tax attorney can help you understand the types of penalties imposed and work on eliminating or reducing them based on your specific circumstances.

Assist With Payment Plans

Tax lawyers can negotiate an installment agreement with the IRS if you can't pay what you owe in full. This will minimize your burden of back taxes and allow you to pay more affordable monthly installments.

If you have tax debts, you need to speak with an experienced tax attorney before starting the payment process. These lawyers will review your case, explain all of your options, and negotiate a favorable resolution on your behalf. In addition, they will protect your rights and interests and work tirelessly to reduce or eliminate your debt. Contact a tax attorney today to get started on resolving your tax debt.