Can You Be Compensated For A Sexually Transmitted Disease?

When finding out that you now have been infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD), filing a lawsuit may be the last thing on your mind. After the shock wears off, however, you may wonder if your most recent sexual partner was to blame. With incidents of STD infections soaring, you become more likely to get an STD with each sexual encounter. To find out what you can do about your new problem, read on. [Read More]

3 Options In Divorce When You Owe Too Much On Your House

One problem couples often experience during a divorce is knowing what to do with their house when they owe too much on it. When you owe too much on it, there is no equity, which means you may have trouble even breaking even when selling it. If you are in this position and are not sure what to do about your house, here are three options you could consider using. [Read More]

Filing For Bankruptcy? 3 Options For What Happens To Your Vehicle

After you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, whether you end up keeping your vehicle is largely up to you. After your bankruptcy, there are three different things that can happen with the vehicle you own: ride through, reaffirm, or surrender. Reaffirming the Debt Although Chapter 7 bankruptcy means all your debts are wiped out, when it comes to a vehicle, wiping out your debt could also mean losing your vehicle. When you go through bankruptcy, you can ask your bankruptcy judge to reaffirm your debt. [Read More]

Polygamous And Bigamous Marriages

If you surveyed the average person, they would be aghast at the idea of having more than one spouse at a time. For some cultures and areas of the country, having multiple spouses currently makes perfect sense. These two ways of being married simultaneously to more than one spouse are often misunderstood, so read on to find out more. Both are Illegal Regardless of what you might have seen on reality shows like Sister Wives and the like, both bigamy and polygamy are not sanctioned in any state in the US. [Read More]