Are There Probate And Non-Probate Assets?

Probate is an essential part of estate planning, especially when it comes to distributing assets to heirs. However, there are some assets that are considered probate assets and others that are not. You'll definitely need to know more about these two as you move forward with the probate process.   What Are Probate Assets? A probate asset is anything that will be subject to going through probate after someone passes away. This will include assets that are owned solely by the deceased person and do not have any joint owners or beneficiaries. [Read More]

Who Needs An Estate Planning Attorney And Why

Estate planning is an essential part of life, and it is crucial to have a plan in place to ensure your assets are distributed the way you intend upon your death. No one wants to talk about death, especially your own, but an estate planning attorney can save your loved ones unnecessary stress and grief when you pass away. Here's why you need an estate planning attorney. What Is Estate Planning? [Read More]

Payment Plans Can Be An Option For Bail Amounts

Finding yourself behind bars can be a stressful ordeal. The first thing on most people's minds would be how to get out. Bail may be your only path toward release. However, bail can get set high, and it may be an amount you can't pull together yourself. That's why so many bail bond people offer payment plans to some of their clients. If you are considering agreeing to a bail bond payment plan, it's important to understand how they work. [Read More]

Work With An Estate Attorney To Plan What Happens After You Die

No matter what kind of estate you will leave after you die, you need to make future plans for it. Even if those plans are as simple as saying what you want your body's final disposition to be or who should keep your ashes, you must lay that all out beforehand. You don't want any confusion after you have died because your friends and family will be grieving and unable to make choices with a clear head. [Read More]