Harassing Telemarketers Are Violating The Law

An occasional call from a telemarketer is an annoyance, but often tolerable. However, what is not tolerable are seemingly non-stop or unwanted calls. Not only is it a major inconvenience, but it may also be against the law. Contrary to widespread belief, telemarketers do not have the legal right to solicit business from uninterested patrons. If you are being harassed by a telemarketer, learn more about what you can do.

Telemarketers' Versus Debt Collectors

It is worth noting that debt collectors should not be looped in with telemarketers. Collectors can, and do, violate the law, but a call from a debt collector does not fall under the umbrella of telemarketing, in terms of the law. So, if a company is calling about a valid debt you owe, even if you would rather they not call, you cannot file a claim under telemarketer harassment in this case. 

Documented Requests

After you have made sure the calls you receive are, in fact, from a telemarketer, make a documented request for the contact to stop in order to boost your chance for success. This request can come in the form of an online form, registry on a do-not-call list, email message, or even a verbal request over the phone for the calls to stop. Whatever option you choose, write down the company name, who you submitted the request to, and the date for your records.

Illegal Practices

Unfortunately, even after you have submitted a request, some companies continue to call, which is illegal. Similar to preserving the documentation for your request for the communication to stop, you should also document anytime the company continues to call. Additionally, you should document any other illegal practices the company engages in, even if you did not submit a request for communication to stop. Calling late at night or a refusal to provide the name of the company they represent are just some of the types of practices you should document. 


Once you have collected your documentation, an attorney can help you move toward damages. Companies who violate legal telemarketing practices are not only at risk of financial penalty from the government, but they may also be required to compensate the victim, such as in the form of a settlement for each call that was made illegally. Just remember that documentation is evidence, so collect as much information as you can. 

If you need assistance with putting the harassment to a stop, contact an attorney who can assist you with this matter. A telemarketer harassment lawyer can provide more information.