How To Ensure Your Lawsuit Papers Are Served Quickly

If you are suing someone or otherwise need to make sure that a person is served with legal paperwork, then you probably want to ensure that they get their paperwork as soon as possible. After all, if the process serving process is slowed down, then court dates could be put off and other issues could arise. There are actually a few things that you can do if you would like to ensure that your lawsuit papers are served to the defendant as soon as possible, such as the things listed below.

Hire a Process Server

If you are planning on serving the lawsuit papers yourself, you should know that this probably isn't a good idea. It might take you longer to get the job done, for one thing. Additionally, it might not actually be legal for you to do so, and it could put you in a potentially dangerous situation in some cases. Hire a process server to ensure that the papers are served quickly and without any unnecessary problems. This makes things much easier and less stressful for you, too, which can be a good thing when you might already be going through a lot of stress because of the lawsuit.

Make Sure You Hire the Right Process Server

Of course, not only is it a good idea to hire a professional to help you with process serving, but you should make sure that you hire the right person. These are some of the things that you should look for to make sure that you hire the right process server:

  • They should be based in the same area that the defendant lives or works in.
  • They should be licensed or certified to perform the job, depending on the laws and industry standards in their state.
  • They should be experienced; after all, someone who has been in the business for longer is often more effective at finding defendants and serving lawsuits and other legal documents more quickly.
  • They should seem interested in helping you and motivated to serve the papers as soon as possible. Look for a process server that states that they will get started right away and that gives a ballpark estimate of when they will have the papers served by.

Provide All of the Information That You Have

Make sure that you provide the name, home address, work address, and other information that you might have about the person. The process server can use this information to find the person more easily, and you can help ensure the right person gets the lawsuit paperwork the first time around by providing all of this information, too.