Common Family Law Disputes Involving Children

When it comes to family law disputes, matters involving children can be among the most contentious issues. In particular, there are a few matters involving children that family law professionals can be asked to help their clients address on a frequent basis.

General Custody

As part of the divorce proceedings, the two parents will need to decide on a custody agreement. This will determine the parent that will be primarily responsible for raising the child as well as outlining the rights and responsibilities of the other parent. Not surprisingly, this can be one of the matters in a divorce that can be the most difficult for the two parties to come to an agreement about. However, family lawyers will be able to represent the interest of the parent they represent throughout these proceedings so that they can be more likely to obtain the type of custody ruling or agreement that they want.  

Child Support Disputes And Adjustments

Child support payments can be another matter that will involve substantial disagreements and disputes among the two parents. Additionally, it can be possible for the life circumstances of the parents to change, which may make it impossible to sustain the previous child support payments. When disputes involving child support develop, individuals will want to proceed through established legal channels to resolve the matter. Attempting to correct the dispute without going through the courts can leave you with an agreement that is not enforceable, or you may even violate the terms of the divorce. In order to avoid this, you should work with a family law professional whenever you are unfortunate enough to either encounter a significant child support payment dispute or have your earnings drop enough to make continuing the current payments impossible. This can ensure the matter is resolved in a way that protects your rights while also meeting your legal obligations as a parent.

Paternity Determination

Unfortunately, there can often be disputes as to the father of a child. This can be an extremely stressful and hurtful time for the family, but it can be essential to determine the father of a child. If you suspect that you may not be the father of the child, a family law attorney will be able to assist you with navigating the legal process of determining paternity. In most states, this will simply involve a DNA test to ascertain the genetic match, but the exact steps involved can vary depending on the state laws and precedents.