3 Places Where Car Accident Happens Frequent & What To Do If You Are Involved In An Accident

Car accidents can happen anywhere where people drive vehicles. However, there seems to be some places where car accidents happen more frequently than others. A few of the most common places where car accidents occur include parking lots, stop signs, rural highways, and two-lane roads.

#1 Parking Lot Accidents

Within parking lots is a very common accident location. Parking lots present very close quarters where one has to maneuver their vehicle, increasing the risk of an accident. In parking lots, general traffic rules tend to become a little relaxed as well, which can contribute to parking lot accidents.

Luckily, most parking lot accidents are simple fender benders with minimal body damage and usually little or no injury to either parties involved in the accident due to the slow speed at which both vehicles were moving.

Parking to accidents can usually be fixed with a simple insurance claim; however, if you have any concerns, have an attorney look over the settlement for the body work before you accept the deal.

#2 Stop Signs

Another surprising place where accidents occur is around stop signs. Most often, car accidents at stop signs occur because a driver doesn't come to a full stop or rolls through a stop sign, resulting in an accident.

You can protect yourself from stop sign accidents by always coming to a full stop when you encounter a stop sign and looking both ways before you proceed. This simple advice can save you from hitting someone. The severity of stop sign accidents can vary greatly depending on the speed of the vehicle.

If you are involved in a stop sign accident, do everything you can to document the environment and show who was responsible for the accident. Then contact a lawyer to help ensure that everything is covered.

#3 Rural Highways

Most accidents on rural highways are actually single-vehicle accidents. These accidents are often caused by drivers not paying attention because another task feels necessary to preform on a long driver, or drivers underestimate the need to focus on the road when traffic is light.

Rural highways can include curvy roads, animals, intersections, and road work, all of which can contribute to an accident if your focus is not on the road. If you need to make a call, change out a CD, or have a snack, pull over.

If you are involved in a single-vehicle rural highway accident, an attorney can help you navigate the process of working with your insurance company.

When you find yourself involved in an accident, no matter where it happens, reach out to an attorney who works on car accident cases. They can help make sure that everything goes smoothly with your insurance company and that you get the benefits you deserve. If that doesn't happen, an auto accident attorney can help you with a lawsuit.