3 Lessor-Known Reasons You May Need A Personal Injury Attorney

When people think of hiring a personal injury attorney, the most common thing that comes to mind is a car accident. A close second might be an accident that occurs inside a retail store, usually in the form of a slip or a fall. However, there are many reasons you should contact a personal injury attorney. The following are a few that don't readily come to mind.

1. You have been a victim of assault

Although this is a crime and you should call the police, there is a civil component to these crimes. Just because someone has attacked you and has been arrested does not mean they are off the hook for compensating you financially for the crime. This can be true even if they are found not guilty of the charges. Civil cases have a lower threshold for guilt, so you may still win a civil judgment. Always consult with an attorney even if the injury was deemed criminal.

2. A loved one has died of unnatural causes

If you have a spouse, child or parent that has died for reasons that could be described as negligent, you may have a case of wrongful death. It may have been a safety procedure for a business that was not followed, leading to the death of your loved one. It may even be an individual who was charged with negligent homicide or some form of careless disregard for human life. 

Just like an assault, if there has been a criminal case where a person was found not guilty, you still may have a case in a civil court. But even without a crime, wrongful death can occur for a wide variety of reasons. Always consult with an attorney.

3. You have been bitten by a dog

Dog bites can occur anywhere. Sometimes a dog is running loose and bites someone, in this situation, you are likely to have a case, but even when a dog is on a leash, you may have a case. Owners are responsible for their animals when they are walking their dogs. The same is true when they have dogs behind a fence on their property. If you are invited onto the property or have been given work to do on the property, the dog owner must secure their pet. If you have been bitten, you may be entitled to compensation.

If you or a loved one have been injured through no fault of your own and believe someone else is responsible for those injuries, you should contact a personal injury attorney to find out if you have a good case. And do not be dissuaded by someone who tells you that there is no reason to get a lawyer because there is no insurance to pay a claim. There are other ways to collect on a judgment.

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