Who Knew That Attending A Super Bowl Party Could Cause So Many Legal Troubles?

Some people consider the Super Bowl to be the biggest game of the year. This leads to major celebrations, and some people get mesmerized by the fun, which can lead to them getting in trouble. Perhaps you have attended several Super Bowl parties and have never had a legal issue. The following points can help you to better understand behaviors that could potentially cause problems if you attend or host these events. 


If alcohol is being served at a party and you plan to drink, you need to strongly consider having a designated driver. This will ensure that you do not put yourself at risk for a DUI. Some jurisdictions have DUI checkpoints on major occasions such as Super Bowl Sunday. Even if you are hosting the party at your home, having designated drivers on-hand will protect your guests and you. For example, if one of your guests drives drunk and causes a major accident, you could also be charged due to furnishing alcohol to them. 

Underage Drinking

Some parties have attendees that represent different age groups. If alcohol will be served, there should be a serving station to ensure that all guests who are served alcohol are not minors. You may even want to implement a ticket solution. This means that you would give all adults a certain number of tickets to get drinks. When they go to the drink station or bar, they must give the server a ticket. This can protect guests from inebriation as well as reduce the chances of minors accessing alcohol. If underage drinking occurs at a party, individuals responsible for hosting the party can be charged with a misdemeanor. It is also possible that minors could become seriously ill from consuming alcohol, resulting in more serious charges. 


Most people have a favorite team they choose to root for on gameday. This can create division during parties. It is also possible that a combination of alcohol and different attitudes could cause a fight to occur. Authorities could choose to arrest individuals involved in fights if they are summoned. The charges a person involved in a fight vary. Battery, simple battery, assault, and disorderly conduct are examples of potential charges.

There are numerous other activities that can cause a Super Bowl party to be the worse night of your life. For example, recreational drug use could result in drug charges or DUI. A criminal defense lawyer, such as those at The Fitzpatrick Law Firm, is a good resource to use if you or someone you love is criminally charged for activities that occur on Super Bowl Night.