3 Questions To Ask Your Lawyer About Your Injury Case

If you've been the unfortunate victim of a physical injury, you may need to take legal action against the individual who caused it. Doing so may help you recover the necessary compensation to cover your medical bills or money for lost wages as well. It's ideal to meet with an attorney to discuss your case; and being prepared in advance by knowing some specific questions to ask may be helpful to you.

Question #1: Is this case strong enough to pursue?

Before taking legal action against the person that contributed to your injury, you will want to know if your case is potentially strong enough to win. This can give you the confidence that is necessary for feeling good about the lawsuit and will allow you to move forward if it is.

The personal injury attorney that you select to represent you can provide you with a list of allegations and charges to make against your legal opponent if your case is strong enough.

Question #2: What types of evidence will be necessary to provide.

One of the most critical parts of the lawsuit involves the discovery stage. There are four parts to this stage, and these are listed below with the proof you should give for each one:

1. Written interrogatories – You will need to answer no more than 25 questions in detail about your case when you receive these.

2. Deposition – You may need to meet with your opponent's attorney and answer a series of questions about your injury. You will be sworn in under oath and will need to be truthful at all times.

3. Request for admissions - In order to shorten the length of a trial if your case goes to court, you will need to either admit or deny certain statements.

4. Request for production documents - This is the time to provide receipts for medical bills, lost income, or official statements, such as a police report.

Question #3: What is the fee for a personal injury case?

It's common for many attorneys to charge a standard percentage rate when it comes to an injury case. This is usually around 33%-40% of the compensation you receive if you win the case.

Dealing with an injury is sure to be both a traumatic and stressful time for you. Be sure to rely on the expertise provided by your personal injury attorney to assist you.

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