The Five Major Types Of Punishment For A DUI Conviction

Those on the market for the right DUI lawyer might be wondering what types of punishment they could potentially be facing if they are convicted.

In fact, there are a variety of potential punishments for this type of crime. While the particulars of DUI punishments sometimes vary by state, the following are five of the most commonly seen types of punishment:

Monetary punishments

A DUI conviction will typically involve a fine or several fines. Minimum fines for a DUI charge are typically around $1,000. However, they could be much more.

It's also important to note that the financial cost of a DUI conviction could be much higher because a convicted defendant could have to foot the bill for a variety of other expenses including attorney fees, court costs, and reinstatement fees after a license suspension. 

Time behind bars

Jail time is a frequent punishment for a DUI conviction. Regardless of the state you live in, you could be punished by as much as six months of jail time for a DUI conviction. However, you might find yourself in jail for much longer depending on the unique circumstances of your conviction. 

Suspension of a license or driving privileges

If you are convicted of a DUI charge, you will have your license taken away. A typical license suspension period for a DUI charge is anywhere between 180 days and one year. Usually, your license will be immediately suspended after you are arrested on a DUI charge. 

Mandatory participation in an educational/treatment program

The punishments included in a DUI charge are intended to discourage repeat offenses. To this end, many offenders are required to attend classes that instruct drivers on how they can keep themselves from being hit with a DUI charge in the future. 

The use of an ignition interlock device

An ignition interlock can be placed on a vehicle to prevent that vehicle from being driven. These devices are frequently used to ensure that a convicted DUI offender is not able to drive his or her vehicle unless he or she passes a breathalyzer test that is built in to the device.

If the use of an ignition interlock device is a part of the resulting punishments from a DUI charge the offender will have to pay for the expense of the device. It typically costs around $75 to have such a device installed and a daily service fee in addition to this installation charge. 

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