Birth Defects And Zofran: What You Need For A Case

The reason you see an obstetrician when you're pregnant is because they are they are expert in the field and should be able to give expert advice. If you were given the advice to take Zofran during your pregnancy, and you were written a prescription that you took, your child's birth defects may be the result.

If your child was born with birth defects that were noticeable immediately, or if there are small developmental delays that are becoming concerning and you don't know the cause, it's time to seek a lawyer for compensation. Here are things to have prior to your first consultation.

Medical Proof of Defects

You want the statement from your child's paediatrician, surgeon, specialist or another medical professional that describes the defects that your child is dealing with. It would be ideal to have the medical professional include in the statement that they think they believe the defects were caused by you taking the Zofran while you were carrying the child. Bring information about your child's condition to the meeting.

Medical Bills

All of the medical bills you've received because of the birth defects and issues should be compiled and brought in. You can go to each medical building or office and have each statement printed, so the lawyer has a good idea of what the issue has cost you so far, and what it's going to continue to cost you.

Physician and Prescription Information

All of the information about the prescription and the physician that prescribed it will need to be available for your lawyer. They'll want to know what amount you were prescribed and where you got the prescription filled, along with all background information about your obstetrician. Once they have this they know who to contact for the suit, and who to file the case with.

The first option your lawyer may suggest will be to settle without taking the issue to court. They will contact the legal team of your obstetrician or of the medical facility where they work, and try to work out a deal. If this doesn't work, they'll then have to file a law suit and you'll have to go up in front of a judge to get the case settled. If you are overwhelmed and outraged at the problems you and your child have endured because of taking Zofran that your physician told you was safe, it's time to get legal help from a medical malpractice lawyer.