Property Division Giving You A Headache? 3 Tips For Obtaining An Amicable Divorce Agreement

Trying to negotiate a divorce settlement can make you want to pull your hair out. It's usually in your best interest to reach an agreement before your case goes to trial, especially if you don't want a judge dividing your property. If you're running out of ideas for reaching a painless settlement agreement, here are a few tips that can get the negotiations back on track.

Take Turns

You and your spouse have collected assets and debts during your marriage. All of those things will need to be divided. Make lists of all your assets and debts. Once you have those lists, go through and take turns choosing what you will take. This strategy will give both of you the opportunity to select items that you really want. It will also provide a fair way to divide the debts that will need to be paid off.

Make Wish Lists

You probably both have property that has sentimental value for you. Both of you can make a list of the property that you want to take with you. If there are items that appear on both lists, set those items aside to divide later. Once each of you have taken the items that are not shared, you can turn your attention to the items that both of you want. This is a good time to return to the previous option of taking turns.

Another way to divide items that you both want is to have a neutral third party divide the items that you both wanted.

Choose By Category

When you take a look at the marital debts and assets, you'll probably notice that they can be divided into categories, for instance, motor vehicles, home furnishings, and debt. Dividing property by categories allows each of you to walk away with something from each category. Here is a quick look at some easy ways to divide by categories.

  • Vehicles – each person takes possession of a vehicle such as car, boat or recreational vehicle
  • Furniture – each person takes a room of furniture, such as living room or bedroom
  • Debt – each person takes responsibility for paying off a credit card or other debt

Divorces are never easy. Some of the difficult comes when it's time to divide marital assets and debts. When it comes time to sit down and start the dividing up the property, you both want to make sure that you get what you want. Use these tips to help make the process easier for both of you. If you're still having a difficult time reaching an amicable agreement, be sure to discuss the matter with a divorce lawyer. They will be able to help you break the impasse.