Seeking Custody Of Your Child? Don't Forget To Tell Your Lawyer About These Things

If you are getting ready for a custody hearing for your child, you are probably feeling incredibly nervous. Child custody can be a very personal and upsetting thing, but hiring a family law attorney can help you win your case. You will need to make sure that you tell your lawyer a few things to ensure that your hearing goes as smoothly as possible, however, so don't forget to mention these important things to your lawyer before you go to court. Then, he or she can help you in any way possible to ensure that you win custody of your little one.

If You Have Substance Abuse Issues

If you have substance abuse issues or have had them in the past, your ex might bring them up in court to try to make you look bad. You need to make sure that your substance abuse issues are resolved before you go to court and that you have hard evidence that you are in recovery. Evidence could include proof that you have been to rehab or have attended substance abuse counseling or classes. Plus, your lawyer needs to be prepared for this issue to be brought up in court, so you shouldn't try to hide it.

If You Have a Criminal Record

A criminal record can make you look bad at a child custody hearing, but it probably isn't a deal breaker. Talk to your lawyer about your legal issues so that he or she can point you in the right direction to make things right before your court date.

If You Cheated

You might think that your personal relationship with your ex is your own business, but you really do need to share some of the intimate details with your attorney. If you cheated on your ex, he or she might have a vendetta against you and could try to bring it up in court. Your lawyer will need to be prepared for this type of questioning for best results.

If Your Home Was in Poor Condition

The judge or mediator is going to want to know that your child will have a safe and comfortable home to live in if you get custody. If your ex might come up in court and say that there is something wrong with your home, then your lawyer needs to know about it. If you've had any issues like this in the past, you should tell your lawyer about it. Then, he or she can help you ensure that your home is properly prepared for your child and can help you prove it in court.

It can seem odd to talk about all of your personal business with your attorney, but it's important to bring up these things if you don't want to jeopardize your court case. Bring these things up with a lawyer, like those at Cronk & Waterman PLC, beforehand. Then he or she can help you get the best possible results in court.